Anabolic Steroids: The Good And The Bad

How are anabolic steroids taken and what are the pros and cons of them? If you want to find this out, then read the rest of this article.

How Steroids Are Taken
Most steroids are injected, but there are a few that are taken orally. Once injected, the drugs start to work in a way that shuts down that natural production of testosterone. When this happens, synthetic testosterone is released into the body.

The Good
Steroids enhance athletic performance. In fact, it gives athletes an unfair advantage, which is why steroids are banned from all sports. Nonetheless, there are still many athletes who use anabolic steroids.

The drugs helps people burn fat fast, which results in that ripped look many men desire to have. Strength gains are very common and so is increased muscle mass. Even steroids designed for cutting purposes still provide users with the ability to obtain a very muscular physique.

As mentioned above, the main benefits of steroids are:

. Enhances athletic performance
. Burn fat fast
. Improves strength levels
. Increase muscle mass

In short, many people turn to steroids to become faster, stronger, bigger, leaner and to have more energy, as well as have more intensity for their workouts. However, there are serious risks involved with steroids, and they include both health risks and legal risks.

The Bad
There are cancer risks involved with steroid usage, and this includes liver cancer. Organ damage and hormonal changes are other bad things that can happen when using them. Not only that, but steroids can cause severe organ damage and lead to psychological defects.

Other bad things include being at greater risk of getting Hepatitis C and B, as well as an increase risks of tearing your tendons. Men can also develop breasts, which can be difficult to get rid of.

Steroids can be addictive and they can lead to death. Let’s not forget to mention they can alter your mood and make you act out in an aggressive manner. This is known as roid rage.

To sum up thee above, the bad things about steroids include:

. Cancer risks
. Psychological defects
. Organ damage
. Hormonal changes
. Male breast development
. Risk of tearing tendons
. Risk of getting Hep B and C
. Death
. Aggression
. Altered moods

Also, you can get arrested if you’re caught with steroids and you do not have a prescription. The bottom line is steroids are not worth taking and you should use legal supplements, which are safer to take and some supplements are just as powerful as steroids.